About Noah Wizard

It took way too long for me to get all the junk thoughts out of my head and replace them with intentional thoughts for my life.

To teach mindfulness and meditation I’m using cartoons and video game mechanics to help define what in your mind is stopping you and strategies you can use to reclaim your thoughts.

About Sci-Fi Guided Meditation Quests

You go on a quest because nobody starts in a happy-go-lucky place, so you shouldn’t be asked to make positive affirmations when the only thing you’re sure of is that life sucks. First you build yourself up, rebuilding the damage that others have done, then you can practice gratitude. But not before.

About Alvin McAllister

Alvin, heartbroken, locks himself into a bad business deal. Day one of finally chasing his dreams and it turns out he woke up all of the nightmares that have been lying in wait.

Chasing your dreams requires bravery. But not just because it seems like it will be hard it will be hard. Cartoon characters showed us how we could get out of scrapes when we were growing up, and now there can be cartoons that represent how god-awful soul-crushing adult life can be, and what things we can do about it.