About Noah Wizard

I was planning on having a very impressive life. Then I stopped. I stopped for 3 weeks to take a break from my career goals.

In order to succeed in life I had to bottle many of my thoughts and emotions up.

When I stopped, I burst.

It took way too long (read: over a decade) for me to get all the junk thoughts out of my head and replace them with intentional thoughts for my life.

I’m hoping to help pass on what I learned so that others might cut the learning curve a little bit.

About Self-Help Cartoons

It took me a very long time to get my head cleared out so that I was able to take action on my dreams.

It’ll probably take many people longer than they want as well.

That’s why I’ve created cartoon characters going through the same soul-crushing existential crisis so you can sit back and watch somebody else go first.

About Alvin McAllister

Alvin, heartbroken, locks himself into a bad business deal. Day one of finally chasing his dreams and it turns out he woke up all of the nightmares that have been lying in wait.