Fearing The Deadline

1. What If I Die First? What if I die before I get a chance to put all of this work together into something meaningful? That thought creeps in every once in a while. My work has been a long-term investment. I needed the ability to write fiction, to write comedy. I needed philosophy and…

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The Super Heroes of the 21st Century

1. This Isn’t Even My Final Form My life is dedicated to the constructive use of our imaginations as we face a more and more complex world. Stories that are about people working together are dear to my heart. Growing up, the narrative was very different. Television shows were on at a specific time of…

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How To Never Do Anything Important

1. Divert All Remaining Energy To Shields! The biggest roadblock to improving our world, is that almost every person who could read this article (or anyone’s articles, or books, or courses etc.) and benefit from it: Is busy. Almost no one is sitting around with a wealth of time and energy and care, waiting for…

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