Business Fear Simulator

If you were a pilot, you’d train on a simulator before having the real-world responsibility of flying a plane, so why didn’t you get to train on a simulator before starting your own business?

Now you can.

If you work for yourself, but stopped taking the actions your business needs, I understand how nerve wracking it can be.

No matter what your next-step is, if it’s a step you’re unsure about, it’s likely to signal to your brain that the next-step is scary, and that it needs to be avoided at all costs.

My father was a co-pilot. He was never afraid of the next-step involved in flying a plane.

Between flights, he would spend hours on the simulator. Even on our 90’s dinosaur computer, we were able to run the home flight simulator.

He didn’t have to hope that his next-step would be successful.

He got to PRACTICE being the co-pilot he wanted to be.

For decades we’ve had the ability to program simulators that let pilots practice, but we haven’t adapted the IDEA of simulators to many other fields. I’ve sure answered a multiple choice quiz when I did some “computer aided training” at my local branch of a national coffee chain.

But I wasn’t allowed to practice.

Planes are designed with a wall of meters and readouts to help the pilots fly, but even then, the number of things you’re expected to know how to do as a pilot are enumerable. Finite. They’re not planning on you getting creative up there.

And while I think running a business or working for yourself ends up with more variables than flying a plane, there are some pretty common actions that you’re expected to take.

First of all, at a high level, you have two jobs to do that really matter.

  1. Serve the people you chose to serve. Serve them well. Maybe improve your service.
  2. Find other people who could be helped by the same thing you’re already doing.

There is so much unrest in the world.

We have BIG problems.

And you WANT to help, or you wouldn’t be sitting here reading about how to get yourself back to work. I’ve found that people who don’t care about the state of the world stopped looking for ways to make a difference a long time ago.

You care whether or not you get back out there, and not just because you fear the consequences to you. You care. It’s hard to stop caring once you let yourself care.

So let’s get you back to the work you love. First though, let’s give you a chance to play around with some other (fictional) people’s businesses. You’ve got some fears to face, and some of those fears can only be resolved through habit.

  • Get used to sending out emails. (But do it in a simulator first so it’s not scary.)
  • Get used to writing the content for your website. (But do it in a simulator where no one will read what you wrote.)
  • Get used to learning complicated computer programs (But learn some outlandish fake ones in a comical world.)

Many fears can’t be bypassed without action.

Now you can build the habit of action in a fun environment, where there are no real-world consequences if you screw up.

Things will change for you in your business when you are able to try new things, difficult things, things that you will screw up.

When you are no longer afraid of the pain of making a mistake, you will be free to move about your business.

Your business won’t scare you anymore. It’ll be fun again. (Like you envisioned.)

Taking action is fun.

What’s not fun is beating up on ourselves because we took the wrong action, or faltered while taking an important action.

So we take no action at all.

Have you ever caught yourself giving out advice to someone, but upon reflection, it was advice you needed to give yourself?

I made a program where you get to take over fictional businesses.

You’re smart.

You’re educated.

You know the things a person needs to do to make their business survive, or even thrive.

If you’re like me, you’ve been telling other people about what they could do to improve or start their own businesses. (While frozen solid, unable to take action, on our own businesses.)

Take over a fictional business. A little game. A little simulator.

Open your laptop, or even some phones (I’m one guy right now, so the tech support might be limited) and click through the life of a fictional person who, like you, wants to make the world a better place, and has a LOT of actions they need to take.

But it’s a little game, so it’s not as scary.

And it’s not your business, it’s someone else’s business, so you can run it into the ground, and it’s no threat to you.

And it’s not real, so it’s no threat to anybody else.

It’s really kinda mean that nobody built a place like this where we could have practiced all the steps of running an online business from the start; if surgeons had to jump in and practice on live subjects, I shudder to think what that root-canal would feel like.

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