Turn West Wing into a Video Game

They should make a television show that shows you how to sanely and with courtesy, stand up to your friends.

Oh wait, it’s called THE WEST WING and it’s awesome.

I saw this show not that long after it came out, and I’ve gotten reports back from people who have tried to start the show that it is “too 90’s” but these were also persons who hadn’t really devoted themselves to a mission yet.

If you’re going to change the world, you will not likely do so alone.

If you want to work well with people, it is not going to be an automatic skill, it takes work.

Working well with others takes preparation, study, and understanding of the things which prevent us from working well together.

I’ve spent more than a decade trying to figure out how to showcase that process in a video game.

I’ve done it. It’s on paper.

Now I need to survive in life long enough to make it a reality.

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